Started drumming at the age of 12, played in all the jazz bands, in middle and high school. Was in the music dept. at Heidelberg University for four years, received a music educations degree. Played in small combos, the jazz ensemble, orchestra, and band. Was going to teach, when the Vietnam war drafted me into the infantry, and I was assigned to the band system. I served in 5 army bands through the 70\'s and 80\'s. From 72-75, I played percussion for the Monterey Symphony, and jazz-set for the college, while swinging the jazz ensemble at Ft.Ord. From 76-80, I played in the NORAD band, whiched toured Canada, and United States. Served in Europe with the 76th Army band, and ended tour of duty with the 1st Army Band at Ft. Meade, Maryland.

The education of drumming and that sense to swing a band is the most important concept for any drummer. The hand study methods, and drum study books that I wrote will give drummers an approach for a newer appreciation for classic jazz drumming.

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